Saturday, December 25, 2010

I open at a close

It's a lost cause posting on this blog. It's just about as active as the Dead Sea I bet. Then again, I wouldn't be posting this if I knew for sure that no one would read this.

So, 2010 is at its close and Christmas shall come to end most probably with beer, good music and the sweet comfort of old friends and family. Reflection is momentous for me at most but today felt different. Because I am different now. 2010 is at its close but its passing was as impactful as it was swift as a breeze by the beach. I learned things I've never dreamed of in my short 18 years of living ( oh and by the way, I just did, turn 18). I learned to live alone, then I learned that I never was really alone. I learned that sometimes thinking too much is just as bad as thinking too little of something. I learned that family isn't by blood but by the love that holds you together. I have felt like I could walk on air and I have felt like I've been drowning for years. I have felt change in the matter of seconds.

But most of all, I've learned to love. It isn't in a young teenage girls romantic way. It's merely the simple gestures in life that build up to it.

You're sick of my rambles. I can't help it. I write like I'm 60 and seeing the world through bug-eyed spectacles.

I guess, I just mean to say that : All I want for Christmas this year, is the memories I've gained along the way. So thanks Santa, for this year and the people I've met along the way.

Oh to my dear Kah Leng : I'm not much of a touchy-feely person lol. But I'm glad we've lasted through everything: the weeks of just being apart with a word of communication, the fear of the change that was at the horizon, the acceptance and the moving on to finding that even through all the change, it was as if nothing changed at all lol. And yes, I couldn't have a more perfect friend =))

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